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Saturday Grooming Appointments
Now Available

DIY Self Serve Dog Wash
Has Reopened For Walk In Services On Saturdays!!!!

We are a private, holistic, full service grooming shop in the Seacoast Region. A quiet, inviting atmosphere will greet you and your pet for the ultimate grooming experience.   Relax and enjoy knowing that your pet will be pampered to the highest degree.  We do not use any cage dryers or crate your pets for extended periods of time.

Holistic grooming is the practice of providing a stress free, irritant free, cage free and natural environment.  We pay attention to your whole pet ... not just his hairdo!  Because we know they are your best friend ... hair, skin, nails, ears, eyes and teeth are all given special attention for the state of your pet's overall health. Multiple pets are welcome. The salon is designed for all size dogs and cats. Elderly, puppies and anxious pets thrive in this quiet environment and specialized attention.  


We understand that high-quality products are essential for a healthy skin and coat and will not compromise health for cost.  We have a strong background and interest in nutrition and will provide you with sound advice on the best diet and supplements specific to your pet. Who sees deeper into the health of your pet, more than your groomer?