Gary P.   Square Review

10/15/19, 5:14 pm

Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

Kristen did a great job on Duffy. He always looks great after she grooms him. Thanks, Kristen.🐕😁👍

 1 week ago

Beyond grateful for Dara’s grooming academy! I am a local grooming salon owner who recently hired one of her graduates. We had an emergency in the salon today when a small dog had complications from a pre-existing condition. My employee is certified in CPR because of the academy and was able to revive the little pup and keep her comfortable until the veterinarian arrived. I can’t recommend this academy/grooming salon more! Your dog is truly safe in their hands!

 8 weeks ago

I am a new client to The Whole Pet Grooming Spa and last week I brought my cat, Winslow (short haired persian) to Whole Pet Grooming to be cleaned up. Winslow’s fur was very matted due to recent home construction, which resulted in wallboard dust throughout my house that Winslow could not avoid getting onto his fur. I can’t say enough about the professionalism and the quality of the grooming at Whole Pet Grooming Spa. I was greeted with professionalism and kindness upon my first walking into the Spa. I immediately felt comfortable and felt my cat would be well taken care of. I stayed throughout the whole grooming session to help the staff keep Winslow calm while they groomed. Due to Winslow’s fur being so matted Dana worked diligently at doing her best to comb out each and every fur knot to avoid having to shave Winslow’s beautiful fur. I watched how they were extremely careful at not hurting the cat, well trained at knowing how to get at all those knots out, etc. Due to their expertise in grooming they were successful in not having to shave Winslow and was able to give him a wonderful shampoo and conditioning. Winslow looked awesome when they were done and after getting him home, I could tell he felt much better. I live in Kennebunk, ME and I plan to continue to take Winslow to Whole Pet Grooming Spa in Portsmouth NH and I plan to recommend this place to lots of people. I want to thank Dana and the staff for doing a great job.


October 9 at 10:16 AM

The place looks awesome and the owner & staff are as well. Daisy & I Thank You!

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